i am causing a ruckus on this bus (kateclaire) wrote in cultofphilrar,
i am causing a ruckus on this bus

When considering Our Leader...

I wanted to take advice on a point.

Do the cult feel that the nickname Phil "Cut Them To The Core" Whaite:

a.) properly represents the worshipful feelings we nurture for PhilRAR?

b.) will engender the respect that Our Leader so richly deserves?

c.) has adequate comedy value?

d.) is in any way truthful or representative of reality?

e.) is a scary name?

f.) could catch on with the greater public?

The more responses, the better. I think we should all take this quite seriously.

I put it to you, dedicated Cult of PhilRAR members, that it's time the Cult starts thinking about marketing itself more aggressively. We all know what joy the Cult can bring. It's time we start acting responsibly with regard to dissemination.

Thank you for your attention,
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