only once or twice (celticsilver) wrote in cultofphilrar,
only once or twice

gratuitous cult post

Late Thursday night, I, a humble servent of The Cult of Phil RAR, had the fortune to enter into a philosophical debate with The One and Only Leader. (Contain yourselves, Fellow Followers! the Green-eyed Monster is a dangerous thing.) Topics up for discussion included the significance of The Promised Land as a visionary utopia, how the Cult of Phil RAR will, within a generation, bring an end to world hunger, and, excitingly, my own role in The Cult.

The Leader, in his great wisdom, suggested that I, your lowly messenger, was a 'gaylord', or rather, 'Lord of the Gays'. Due to my lowly intellectual might, I was foolish enough to disregard this insight. However, I now see the light. Following various incidents involving gays and 'Notting Hill' (I didn't cry, I swear, and not just because I have to save up my tears for 'The Snowman' or I'll get dehydrated) I have discovered that The Leader was right all along. Never again will I doubt the Great Phil RAR's amazing abilities as Guru and Prophet.

Have you ever doubted The Leader only to then prove him right? Has The Leader ever provided you with brilliant insight into your inner soul? Do share your tales here, Fellow Followers. We are a community after all.
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