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The Cult of Phil RAR

The Minor Indie Celeb with a Sense of Humour

Cult of Phil RAR
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Does your life seem strangely lacking?
Do you constantly feel like something is missing?
Join Cult of Phil RAR today and all your problems will be solved*!!

Comments from Satisfied Customers!

"I love Phil RAR even more than I love crack!" (Shahi, "East London")

"I have been known to fly (COACH!) from America to London just to cut a bitch who I heard looked at Phil RAR the wrong way." (Caity)

"I was so taken aback by being allowed to use Phil RAR's washing machine I broke it." (Amy)

"I would give Phil RAR my last shot of Goldschlager." (Kate)

"I believe that, with the divine assistance of Phil RAR, I can both cultivate and recover from a raging crystal meth habit before the Rufus Wainwright gig in November." (Ciara)

"Phil: he'll be alright in a mo." (A group effort - Mac, Ciara and Steph?)

"I don't know why everyone bothers worshipping me, I'm not even that buff anymore. They should join cultofphilrar instead!" (Fatty Baratty)

*Complete problem-eradication is only available to members aged over 100 with at least one living parent.
This does not affect your statuatory rights.
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