only once or twice (celticsilver) wrote in cultofphilrar,
only once or twice

The Cult Is Not Dead

It's been too long, my friends.

I hope that, despite the quietness of the Cult on the internet, you have all been actively spreading the word of Phil RAR to the unenlightened masses. World domination awaits, fellow followers. As I type, kateclaire is using her unfortunate geographical position to extend the loving arms of the Cult to the Land of America.

Speaking of America, yesterday Our Leader received a lovely jacket in the post courtesy of queenofalostart from Boston. Although queenofalostart is not a member of the Cult, her actions are clearly an inspiration. You don't see that sort of behaviour from supposed devotees such as... oh, I dunno, tropicalia89? (Oh snap.)

British Cult Members will perhaps be fortunate enough to see Our Dear Leader on the television soon, after he was the subject of a documentary feature on the Cult of PhilRAR for Channel 4 (under the guise of a competition to open V Festival starring Cult Favourites Special Needs.) More details to come.

Oh, and Phil RAR got asked for ID in the Fake Wetherspoons in Angel. If that's not proof of his eternal youth and superhuman powers, I don't know what is.
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