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Uh? What kind of a cult is this?!


I mean not only has no-one updated in like FOREVER but our Revered Leader was a Rock Star again on Thursday and no-one has even bothered to tell the rest of us about it so we can be suitably in awe of his, like, greatness.

Just cos I cant make it doesnt mean that I'm not still his number one fan y'know. But the rest of you? You all were there and you havent even bothered to show even a *bit* of respect for Our Leader. You are so not on the boat now I bet. I BET. Not even Danica! Hah! Cept the people in America of course cos they ahve a *proper* excuse for not updating they havent seen him since longer even than me and that is AGES.

So anyway, yeah, I you totally all shouldnt get to be members of a cult if you cant even take it seriously or anything. Go and like, join one of those band cults or something. Our Leader is so much to good for any of you.
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